Elizabeth Jelfs



Sara Millen

Deputy Manager



Jinny Dorrington

Deputy Manager



Gooseberry Green Pre School employs a fantastic team of Nursery Practitioners who we ensure have the most up to date training, quality resources and will remain totally committed to putting the welfare of the children first


"Recruitment procedures are rigorous.

A thorough induction programme helps new staff to understand the policies and procedures and routines of the setting."

Ofsted Inspection 2018



 Our Team

Jane Hatton

Busy Bees Room Leader



Lucie Hamilton

Honey Bears Room Leader



Key workers


Busy Bees

Jane Hatton

Claire Sumner


Honey Bears

Lucie Hamilton

Hollie Turner

Magda Pietroczuk

Donna Davidson


Busy Bees and Honey Bears

Hannah Roberts

Vickie Moore

Ann Templin


Office Staff

Adela Thomas & Claire Overend